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  • Ringo’s Birthday

    Had an amazing day celebrating Ringo’s Birthday at Capitol Records
    Amazing for Peace and Love


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  • Kings of Chaos at The Fillmore

    Come see this amazing lineup with Kings of Chaos with all proceeds going to Ric Obarry and Dolphin Project
    Amazing grassroots activist since the 70s protecting dolphins worldwide
    Gig is July 29 Fillmore in San Francisco

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  • Kings of Chaos

    Rocking this year with new supergroup Kings of Chaos
    Finished a tour of South Africa in December
    with Steven Tyler and Nuno Bettencourt, the band will grow and change as we
    rock across the world
    look forward to seeing our friends and fans out there,


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  • Music for Healing Project and Global Sound Lodge present: Do What I Do

    Music for Healing Project and Global Sound Lodge present:
    "Do What I Do". A song written and sung by Veteran SSgt. Mark Plummer (Ret.)
    who suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. With Special Guests: Billy
    Ray Cyrus, Steve Stevens, Paul ILL and Nicolette Plummer along with members
    of our Armed Forces.

    Please visit: WWW.GLOBALSOUNDLODGE.ORG to donate or download on iTunes.

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  • Billboard: Matt Sorum’s Fierce Joy, ‘The Sea’: Exclusive Song Premiere


    The ex-Guns N’ Roses drummer returns with a new solo album… says Velvet Revolver is talking about a return. “We don’t want to throw it away, ’cause it’s something we built”

    When it comes to solo albums, Matt Sorum seems to be on the every 10 years plan. But he doesn’t want to repeat that decade-long gap between his new “Stratosphere” and its predecessor, “Hollywood Zen.”

    “I hope that maybe I can sell enough of this one to make another one, to make my investors say, ‘OK, let’s do it again,’ ” the drummer of Guns N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver and The Cult fame tells Billboard. “I’m actually going to take the time to push this album. When I did ‘Hollywood Zen,’ I never did any press, never put a band together. We just did that (Velvet Revolver) ‘Contraband’ record right after. Now I’m focused on taking this all the way — as far as I can, anyway — and see how it unfolds and hope people gravitate towards it and hopefully just listen to it for the music, number one, instead of having a preconceived notion of this guy from all these rock bands.”

    For complete article and to listen to streaming track go here:

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  • MATT SORUM’S FIERCE JOY: More ‘Stratosphere’ Album Details Revealed


    Rock And Roll Hall Of Famer and legendary drummer of GUNS N’ ROSES, VELVET REVOLVER and THE CULT, Matt Sorum will release his new album, “Stratosphere”, under the moniker MATT SORUM’S FIERCE JOY on March 11 on Rok Dok Recordings via Kobalt Label Services.

    “Stratosphere” is major departure from the hard-hitting rock Sorum is best known for. His intense passion for animal and human rights, and need to give back heavily influenced the narrative and acoustic orchestration of the album.

    “Over the years, I’ve been influenced by my surroundings and sometimes that hasn’t always been for the better,” says Sorum. “But after years of soul searching, I organically fell into a different state of mind.

    “With many lessons learned along the way, it seemed like the perfect time to do a record in my own voice, if you will. It’s as real and exposed as anything I’ve ever offered my in my career, and I hope you enjoy it.”

    Besides stepping behind the mic for lead vocals, Sorum wrote the entire album, and plays acoustic guitar and piano.

    “I’ve always played acoustic, so I wanted to use that as the feel of the record,” Matt says.

    “I chose the musicians I wanted by records they had played on, and diverse instruments such as mellotron, slide guitar and ethnic percussion.

    “I always wanted orchestration, so this album was the canvas for that as well.”

    Pre-order “Stratosphere” now on iTunes and get an instant download of “The Sea”.

    Check out the first webisode (in a series of 5) about of the making of “Stratosphere” below.

    MATT SORUM’S FIERCE JOY“Stratosphere” track listing:

    01. Intro – Stratosphere Part 1
    02. The Sea
    03. What Ziggy Says
    04. For the Wild Ones
    05. Goodbye To You
    06. Gone
    07. Lady of the Stone
    08. Ode to Nick Drake
    09. Blue
    10. Josephine
    11. Land of the Pure
    12. Killers N Lovers
    13. The Lonely Teardrop
    14. Outro – Stratosphere Part 2

    Speaking to The Street, Sorum stated about his inspiration for the “Stratosphere” CD: “I’m known as a rock guy, but I’ve always loved so many diverse artists. I was a huge Joni Mitchell fan; I remember listening to a lot of her records back to back. Neil Young, Tom Petty, THE BEATLES, of course, and I was a huge Bowie fan. I was also into progressive stuff, like early GENESIS, Peter Gabriel era. You can hear that influence on the new album; there are a couple of songs that have some interesting time changes.

    “I’ve always dabbled on the acoustic guitar, and I wrote a couple songs for VELVET REVOLVER. In GUNS N’ ROSES, Axl [Rose] and Slash looked to me for arrangements. I wasn’t the predominant songwriter, but I’ve always been involved in the process.

    “When I put ‘Stratosphere’ together, I actually had a lot of it on cassette. I’d been writing the songs over the years, and I wanted to do an album that was just coming from me, regardless of anyone’s expectations.”

    Asked if MATT SORUM’S FIERCE JOY will go out on tour, Sorum said: “We’re going to tour, but it isn’t going to be a typical rock show. If I’m going to front a band, I can’t see myself, at my age, jumping up and playing rock and roll the way Dave Grohl does. Dave pulls it off, running around the stage with an electric guitar. But would that feel right for me? How can I make this feel natural, a natural progression, growing into the man that I finally feel that I am, and saying what I want to say now?”

    Sorum played a brand new solo song entitled “The Sea” on November 18, 2013 at Avalon Hollywood in Los Angeles. Fan-filmed video footage of performance — featuring Sorum on guitar and vocals — can be seen below.

    Sorum told The Street about the track: “I wrote that song on acoustic, then piano.

    “I always heard the desert was a cool place to write, so I headed out to Joshua Tree. Then in my hometown, we used to go to a little beach getaway called the Surf and Sand, and I wrote the lyric to ‘The Sea’ there. I was sitting on a balcony, overlooking the ocean, thinking about life. I started thinking about the sea as a metaphor for spiritual awakening.”

    “Lady of the Stone” Music Video

    “For The Wild Ones” Music Video

    “The Sea” Music Video

    Making of “Stratosphere” webisode 1:

    Making of “Stratosphere” webisode 2:

    Making of “Stratosphere” webisode 3:

    Making of “Stratosphere” webisode 4:

    Making of “Stratosphere” webisode 5:

    “The Sea” performance footage:


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